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An Ode to Lauren Daigle

Where do I begin. From attending two of Lauren Daigle’s Los Angeles concerts to playing her third studio album, Look Up Child, on repeat, I unapologetically remain one of her biggest fans. A two-time Grammy Award winner for Best Contemporary Christian Music Album and Performance/Song in 2019, the 28-year-old Louisiana native defies industry restrictions and genre stereotypes, refusing to fill the shoes of contemporary Christian music predecessors.

Blending zydeco and Cajun influence with R&B/Gospel, Lauren’s music represents a melting pot of cultural musicianship, honoring iconic greats like Aretha Franklin while remaining true to her roots. Dawning a free-spirited disposition and positive outlook on life, the bohemian singer-songwriter pours unparalleled soul into her gravity-defying lyrics. With a raspy alto voice and hybrid sound of Janis Joplin and Adele, Lauren fearlessly shares her testimony over contemporary bluesy melodies and anthemic instrumentals. Understanding faith through the lens of a child, each song from the platinum-certified Look Up Child LP exhibits profound vulnerability and growth along her spiritual journey.

Kate Sweeney

The human personification of a phoenix, Lauren discovered her vocation in singing while recovering from an immune deficiency disease as a teenager. Homebound for two years, she transformed her house into a “music box,” serving as her ultimate medication towards healing. Subsequently completing missionary work overseas, attending Louisiana State University, auditioning for American Idol multiple times, getting involved with North Point Community Church’s worship team, and recording background vocals on an indie band’s EP, all of the stars aligned, leading to Lauren’s record label deal with Centricity Music. Miraculously rising from the ashes of her diagnosis to a successful music career, Lauren is living proof of the American Dream.

Ashley Mae Wright

From debuting at no. 1 on the Billboard Christian Airplay chart with How Can It Be in 2015 to accumulating countless accolades from the Gospel Music Association, American Music Awards, and the Recording Academy over the last five years, Lauren indisputably achieved commercial prosperity while overcoming barriers as a crossover artist. However, her influence spans beyond mainstream music. Effortlessly facilitating community wherever she travels, Lauren founded the Price Fund in honor of her late grandfather, providing poverty-stricken individuals with financial support and music outreach. Combatting New Orleans’ decreased music education, the Price Fund partners with local organizations to strengthen schools’ music exposure and classroom resources.

Vents Magazine

Passionate about helping those in need while sharing her musical gifts with the world, Lauren is not your average missionary. She sees people for who they are beneath materialistic facades and “turn[s] [their] eyes upon Jesus” with a “rebel heart.” More than just an artist, Lauren authentically “los[es] her religion” to “rescue” listeners from today’s chaos. Embodying the quintessential role model for future generations of creatives, “this girl ain’t goin’ anywhere.”

Featured image provided by Ashley Mae Wright

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